IPL 2022 | Next season IPL will be held in India; BCCI Secretary Jay Shah announces

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BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has announced that the 20th season of the IPL (IPL 2022) will be held in India. Jayshah was speaking at the Chennai Super Super Kings (CSK)’s victory celebrations in Chennai. Jay Shah added that the league will be even more exciting with the arrival of two more IPL teams next season.

“The IPL will be brought back to India. The tournament will be doubly exciting with the addition of Lucknow and Ahmedabad teams next season.” Jayshah said.

“Everyone knows that they are waiting to see the Chennai Super Kings play at Chepauk Stadium. That moment is not far away and you can experience that moment first hand when the 15th season of the IPL kicks off in India.” Jayshah said.

“There’s a mega star auction coming up next season, so it’s going to be exciting to see teams coming up with a new lineup next season.” Jay Shah added.

The BCCI has announced that 10 teams will compete in IPL 2022 and recently auctioned off two new franchises. Of these, Ahmedabad team was acquired by CVC Capital for Rs 5,625 crore and Lucknow team by RP-Sanjeev Goenka Group for Rs 7009.0 crore. These two teams will join the existing eight teams. Each team is scheduled for 74 games, including seven home matches and seven away matches.

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Last season’s IPL was held in India but the tournament was suspended and later shifted to the UAE due to Kovid’s confirmation of some players halfway through the tournament. MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings won the second quarter of the IPL in the UAE between September and October. Chennai beat Owen Morgan’s Kolkata Knight Riders in the final.

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Fans have high hopes for the return of IPL to India. Spectator access was restricted as the Kovid pandemic crisis persisted. But with indications of a decline in the spread of Kovid in India, and with the Kovid vaccination being able to reach the masses, it is expected that next season’s IPL will be ahead of the packed galleries. Fans are hopeful of the ongoing T20 series between India and New Zealand. Both matches so far in the series took place in front of crowded galleries. Only those who have received at least one dose of the vaccine are admitted to the stadiums. It was also stipulated that the RTPCR must issue a negative certificate 48 hours prior to the match.


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