IPL 2022 Rajasthan Royals retain Sanju Samson Jos Buttler, Jofra Archer in contention for remaining spots – News18 Tamil

Teams must submit a list of players they will retain by November 30 as the mega auction of players for the 2022 IPL series takes place. It has been reported that Rajasthan Royals will retain Sanju Samson for Rs 14 crore.

Consultations are underway to retain other players such as Jazz Butler, Jobra Archer, Liam Livingston and Yashaswi Jaiswal. It seems that Rajasthan team will not retain Ben Stokes due to financial conditions.

Rajasthan Royals captain Sanju Samson has been retained in the squad, according to ESPN Cricket Info. Though technically Sanju Samson is retained for Rs 16 crore, it seems that Rs 14 crore has been agreed. While the Rajasthan Royals retain 4 players, the remaining Rs 48 crore seems to be enough for the team to bid for other players.

It is noteworthy that when Sanju Samson was booked by the Royals in 2018, he was contracted for only Rs 8 crore. It remains to be seen whether Rajasthan will retain him as teams compete to bid for Archer in world cricket, but it remains to be seen whether Ben Stokes will be retained. Because he has not put his head on the cricket side lately. But Jobra Archer is not in the Ashes series, because the injury is so serious.

Thus the archer position is also somewhat in play. It is expected that Jazz Butler will be selected as the 2nd player after Sanju Samson as Jazz Butler is in perfect form. Yashaswi Jaiswal is yet to play for the Indian team and his cost is Rs 4 crore.

The name of Liam Livingston is also being discussed as the reason is that Archer can only say if he recovers from injury and returns to old bowling otherwise all-rounder Liam Livingston will be in the Rajasthan squad.

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