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Criticizing Governor Ravi and Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai, DMK Organizing Secretary R. S. Bharati spoke.

Bharti, the DMK’s organizational secretary, used to get into controversies from time to time by talking nonsense.

On behalf of Tirunelveli Central District DMK, a public meeting to explain the resolution against the imposition of Hindi was held in Palayangottai the day before yesterday.

In it, RS Bharati said:

If any more BJP protests in Tamil Nadu, they should be jailed.

If they are in jail for a day, then they run away from the party. It’s a party you can’t even have in one room.

Annamalai and 10 others were present at 3:00 pm when the BJP was arrested recently; Others ran away.

If we hold demonstrations and protests from now on and put the party members in central jail for two days, the party will no longer exist.

It is our tax money that pays the governor’s salary.

From him drinking tea to cleaning his shirt, everything is our tax money.

The governor, who has received our tax money and is sitting at our expense, holds a meeting in the Raj Bhavan and says, ‘There is no country called Dravidian’.

He too has just graduated from IPS. I think half of IPS students are ‘mental’ like this. I am not saying all ips.

Those who study IPS and join politics after leaving their jobs, seem to be mental.

DMK is a bad party. If someone betrays this party, one should go to court. Otherwise, the arms and legs will be lost.

Looking at the Chief Minister, Palaniswami says, ‘Toy Chief Minister’. From now on, if you talk like this, you will have to talk in a different way.

Thus he spoke.

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