Ipsos: in Russia, buzzers are most inclined to spontaneous purchases

In Russia, young people and middle-aged people want to improve financial literacy to a greater extent, according to the results of a survey by the international research company Ipsos. It turned out that Russians of generation Z (zoomers) are more inclined to spontaneous spending of money than others and are more likely to admire the financial success of those around them.

The survey was conducted in Russian cities with a population of 100,000 or more. It was attended by 5.5 thousand Russians over 16 years old. The respondents were divided into age groups: Generation Z (16–25 years old), Y (26–40 years old), X (41–55) and Silver Age (56–100), Inc. reports.

According to the survey, over the next 12 months, Russians from generations Z (20%) and Y (19%) would most like to improve their financial literacy and learn how to manage personal finances. Among the representatives of the older generation, there are fewer such applicants: in Generation X – 13%, Silver Age – 9%.

Generations Y (31%) and X (28%) would like to increase their savings most of all. In Generation Z, 27% expressed this desire. The least interest was shown by Silver Age respondents: 18%.

Older people consider it risky to buy stocks and securities – 68% of those surveyed from Silver Age and 57% from Generation X stated this. This point of view is also shared by 49% of surveyed Zoomers and 53% – from Generation Y.

The respondents of generations Z (31%) and Y (28%) are more likely to spend spontaneously. For older people, 21% of Gen X respondents and 14% of Silver Age respondents make unexpected purchases.

Young people are more happy when they notice their financial success (generation Z – 67%, Y – 57%) than older respondents (generation X – 44%, Silver Age – 41%). The success of other people who were able to provide for themselves are pleased with 72% of those surveyed from Gen Z, 70% from Generation Y, 59% from Generation X, 54% from Silver Age.



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