Iran tried to transport explosives in the UAV – intercepted

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“Iran has tried to transport explosives from Syria to unmanned aerial vehicles in Judea and Samaria – the UAV is intercepted near Beit She’an,” Defense Minister Bnei Gantz said today (Tuesday) at a conference at Reichman University. Ganz added that the UAV was intercepted in February 2018, when Iran launched an UAV 141 from the T4 airport in Syria, which was carrying explosives, and that to understand the security forces the shipment was intended for terrorist elements in Judea and Samaria. “Iran is not only using unmanned aerial vehicles to attack, but also to carry out weapons transfers to its envoys,” Ganz said at a conference of the Institute for Policy and Strategy.

Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo said at the conference that “the IDF and the defense establishment can stab in the best way.” “Iran is not the same opera, it is a third-tier country, to wage war against it – only the United States can, and it is also usually required to build an alliance. If it is not possible to end it in an opera, it is worth thinking twice.”

Gantz stressed that “UAVs are an accurate weapon that can reach strategic targets within thousands of kilometers, and thus this capability is already endangering Sunni countries, international forces in the Middle East and also countries in Europe and Africa.” Iran also operates outside the region. “Transferring oil and weapons to Venezuela, operating the Quds Force in South America and trying to infiltrate its influence into Afghanistan.”

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“Iran has the intention but it does not have the means, and the neutralization – should be done at the stage we are in,” said the defense minister, who presented Iran’s methods of operation, adding: “Trams are being trampled on, women are being hanged, women are being marginalized, and resources are being allocated for the benefit of the regime,” he said, noting that the Iranian system is the first to take over underdeveloped countries like Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

Earlier, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke at the conference, referring to the nuclear talks that are expected to resume at the end of the month. Bennett said that “the mistake after the nuclear agreement in 2015 will not return. It affected us like a sleeping pill, Israel fell asleep on guard. From this mistake we will learn. We will keep our freedom of action.”

Referring to Israel’s de facto policy, he said, “When I entered the prime minister’s office less than six months ago, I was amazed at the gap between rhetoric and action.

He further noted that Iran has consistently and consistently managed to surround Israel with a ring of militias: “The Iranians have surrounded the State of Israel with missiles while sitting safely in Tehran. “Paying a price. Pursuing the terrorist on duty powered by Quds Force no longer makes sense. We have to get to the sender,” he said.

The Prime Minister added in his speech that “the Iranians are sensitive to their own lives. They will always prefer to find Afghan, Lebanese, Yemeni volunteers – who will fight on their behalf. We are at this point which is basically the struggle of the whole world. We hope the world will not blink, but even so, we do not intend to blink. We are facing a complex period and there may be disagreements even with the best in our societies. This will not be the first time. “Even if there is a return to the agreement, Israel is not a party to the agreement and is not bound by it,” he said.

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Herzog meets with Johnson: “Our allies in this negotiation are expected to be firm”

President Isaac Herzog met today with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In statements made by the two, Herzog referred to the negotiations on the nuclear deal with Iran and said: “We expect our allies in these negotiations to be as firm as possible, as we do not believe they are acting in good faith. Only when all options are on the table can things move in the right direction.” .

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Herzog and Johnson in a meeting between them, Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO

In his statement, Johnson referred to the decision to declare Hamas a terrorist organization and said: “I think that was the right decision. It was a difficult and controversial decision but I think it is the right thing to do, and by the way it is a decision that I think was made almost immediately in light of the horrific event we saw in Israel. A terrible, terrible event. “And your point about Iran is significant, and we see a situation where there is never much time to deal with this problem.”

Yesterday it was reported in the evening news here 11 that ahead of the opening of talks between Iran and the superpowers in Vienna on the nuclear agreement, the debate between Israel and the United States on the issue has escalated. It was also reported that senior Israeli officials are concerned about the American approach, which they say seeks to reach an agreement with Iran “at all costs.”

Already a month ago, estimates were based that even if the United States and Iran could not return to the old nuclear deal – because of the amount of uranium and technology the Iranians had accumulated, the Americans would prefer an agreement that would be less good, just a few months away from Iran – not sign an agreement at all.

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