Iranian security officials angry: “Unload Revolutionary Guards”

“Iran International”, an Iranian opposition website based in London, reported yesterday (Friday) on repeated messages from security organizations to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei demanding to limit the powers of the Revolutionary Guards intelligence – and even dismantle the intelligence bodies of the guards.

According to the report by Iran International, which often shows intrigue and tensions in the Iranian leadership, the removal of the head of the Revolutionary Guards intelligence organization, Hussein Ta’ab, is the result of long-term tense relations between several senior security officials who want to “clean up” this organization.


According to the report, Quds Force Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Ismail Kaani and Iranian Intelligence Minister Ismail Khatib, Taab’s most senior opponents, have been waiting a long time for his removal. Diplomatic sources also warned Ta’ab that he was not fulfilling his role and was even causing the regime to bear heavy political prices as a result.

“Ta’ab’s opponents have repeatedly claimed that the organization he heads is not fulfilling its tasks in accordance with its powers,” the report said. “In recent months, the heads of the security agencies’ units have repeatedly appealed to Khamenei’s office demanding the removal of those who fail to neutralize espionage and terrorism,” it was reported. But it was not just competing security officials who complained.


According to the report, Ta’ab’s opponents complained that the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence body did not meet basic standards for thwarting terrorist activity in Iran and called its conduct outside Iran “amateurish, unprofessional and detrimental to the country’s interests.” It was further reported that Ta’ab’s opponents in the other security bodies also called for a “complete purge” and the dismissal of all senior members of the Revolutionary Guards.

According to Iran International sources, the election of Muhammad as Azmi, described by senior members of Iranian security organizations as a “gray bureaucrat” who did not engage in operational activities. His election, the sources claimed, “would in fact be the first nail in the coffin of the Revolutionary Guards intelligence organization.”


The report detailed the work of the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence organization, which is divided into two: special operations, for which “Unit 4000” and “Unit 1500”, which deals with counter-espionage, are responsible. Sources who provided the information for the report said that during Ta’ab’s tenure, Unit 1500 engaged in activities outside Iran and the sequence of its failures only intensified calls for Ta’ab’s removal.

The report said the assassination of Hassan Siad Houdai at the entrance to his home in Tehran was “the most severe defeat” of Taab, as even the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence could not warn of the assassination in advance.

According to sources, the operation that led to the assassination of Hassan Said Khodai, a senior officer in the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force 840 unit, was considered Ta’ab’s “most severe defeat” because the organization he led did not even warn of the senior officer’s assassination ahead of time.


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