Iraq: 20 years since the mistletoe US imperialism started the war of aggression!

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UThe sight of parents writing addresses on their children’s backs to identify them in case they were killed by Krane’s Russian war was heart-wrenching. Such a horrific incident was the declaration of war on Iraq by the US on March 20, 2003. It has been 20 years since that fateful event. Iraq was in the state of dying in the war waged by the imperialist United States. America is still drinking the dripping blood.

This recolonization operation was given the name “Operation Iraqi Freedom” by Bush. ‘The disarmament of President Saddam Hussein’s Iraq; Destroying the weapons of mass destruction’ – thereby eliminating the risk of Iraq’s aggression against the countries in the Gulf region, the Bush-Blair gang shouted.

But what actually happened was that US imperialism used Iraq as an opportunity to test its weapons of mass destruction. It has thus expanded its arms market.

The US stated that its mission was to remove the tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein and establish democracy. But it was exposed to the world that America’s intention was to establish a puppet regime to serve the imperialists.

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This war did not start in 2003; Earlier it was started in 1991 in small scale in various fronts. 6 lakh children died due to shortage of food and medicine due to the economic embargo imposed by the UN and the US attack. During the war, more than 1,500 times a day, thousands of tons of bombs were dropped on Baghdad.

Fine uranium nuclear particles were used in all the gun bullets, bombs, and missile warheads used by the United States. Not only soldiers died during the war but also thousands of civilians died after the war. Not only Iraqis but also American mercenaries fell victim to the disease. 67 percent of the children born to them were sick. A study says that 4,61,000 people died between 2003 – 2011 alone.

“Behind every word lies their class interest,” said Bush. It is to establish the United States as the world’s unipolar hegemonic superpower and to make Iraq a recolonization of global monopolies.

All the so called “Operation for the Liberation of Iraq” is the installation of a puppet regime in Iraq, like in other Arab countries, consisting of merry-go-rounds serving the imperialist mob. On that day, President Bush stood on the pole and shouted that Iraq’s oil resources have been protected for the future benefit of the people of that country, all that was to maintain the global monopolistic dominance of the United States in the petroleum industry.

The real purpose of America’s war on Iraq is that Iraq is the second oil rich country in the world. Having already brought other oil-rich countries under its rule, the US was frantic to bring Iraq under its rule and prop up the declining value of the US dollar. The aim of the United States is to subjugate Iraq and Libya by waging a war on countries that do not submit to its global hegemony.

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Every reaction has an opposite reaction. From all corners of the world chants against America’s war of aggression rose against the bombs dropped by the United States. Hundreds of millions of working people from around the world protested Iraq’s war of aggression.

In accordance with the moral duty of the World Proletariat Party in Tamil Nadu, “Do not lay hands on Iraq, the world dominant warmonger Bushe!” Demonstrations were held in Trichy, Chennai and Pennagaram on behalf of revolutionary organizations like M.K.E.K., P.J.T.M. and P.M.A.M. Anti-war chants filled the air at the demonstration.

More than 2,500 US troops are scattered across Iraq, 20 years after the US launched its war on Iraq. Now the reason they are saying is that the IS terrorist organization should be eradicated. But it is known to the world that America is the reason behind the creation of IS.

The United States claimed that NATO alliances were against the reddening of the world (that is, against the expansion of Soviet Russia). But why is NATO still not exhausted after the fall of the Soviet Union? Why is the United States still fighting a retaliatory war with the Russian-Ukraine war with NATO? By knowing the answer to this, we can understand why there are still US troops in Iraq today. The purpose of both is the same; It is to establish and maintain America’s unipolar hegemony. US troops and NATO are to support it without letting it slide.

The arms of American imperialism are stretched all over the world, like Iraq war of that day, Ukraine revenge war of today. It has established nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries to maintain its unipolar global hegemony. American imperialism is the main enemy of the world proletariat.

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