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Iraq took out more than 600 migrants from Belarus. On the evening of November 25, two Iraqi Airways planes flew from Minsk to the Iraqi city of Erbil, carrying a total of 617 migrants, a spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said. The authorities of the Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), in turn, confirmed that both aircraft landed in Erbil on Friday, November 26.

The Iraqi Consul in Russia and Belarus, Majid al-Kinani, announced yesterday that several more evacuation flights are planned. According to him, more than 1000 migrants have expressed a desire to voluntarily return from Belarus to their homeland. Last week, Iraqi Airways already took out more than 430 migrants from Minsk, mostly Iraqi Kurds. After a stopover in Erbil, they were taken to Baghdad.

About 2,000 migrants remain at the Belarusian-Polish border, intending to move to Western Europe via Poland. Polish border guards report hundreds of illegal border crossings every day. The European Union accuses Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko of deliberately provoking a migration crisis on the external border of the EU in retaliation for the sanctions imposed by Brussels against his regime.

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