Irony: A news crew is robbed while covering a crime

Irony: A news crew is robbed while covering a crime

Several CNN journalists were robbed while covering a crime in San Francisco. The team filmed an article in the city hall building while security guards were waiting outside by the rental car. But within 4 seconds thieves managed to break the window and steal a bag. The security guards prevented the theft of the rest of the bags

In what can only be described as bitter irony, CNN reporter Kyung Lea posted on Twitter that her crew had been robbed in San Francisco while they were at City Hall to film a story about a crime in the city.

“We were robbed again,” Leah wrote on Twitter. “Producer Jason Carbrick and I were at City Hall in San Francisco to do an interview for the network,” she tweeted. “We had security people watching our rental car. The thieves did it in less than 4 seconds. The security stopped the thieves from stealing more bags. But seriously – this is ridiculous.”

According to her, the security tried to catch the thieves but only managed to catch a picture of the vehicle in which the criminals fled and said that she hopes someone will recognize them through the license plate and the car.

She also said she was worried she wouldn’t be able to fly back home because her identification documents had been stolen. But, to her surprise, airport security is used to people’s IDs being stolen, and they have a process for getting robbed people on their flights even without ID.

“San Francisco is a beautiful city. This is our third day here and I loved my visit. But if you visit this city, know that even with security watching your car, it’s not enough,” she wrote.


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