Irurtzun, in this Sunday’s ‘Herri Txiki Infernu Handi’ session

Tree and beech and reel chrono-climbing, football and costumes of Basque mythological characters

Mikel Pagadi and Zuhaitz Gurrutxaga will walk the streets of Irurtzun, Navarre, in this Sunday’s ‘Herri Txiki, Infernu Handi’ session with Patxi, Mikel. Accompanied by Roberto, Irati, Mikel, Joana and Txape. The session will be broadcast on ETB1 from 22:15.

Pagadi finds Patxi in front of the butcher’s. In addition to explaining his specialties, he will also show a strange habit of making bread. Mikel, on the other hand, goes to the Sakana stone-picking school. He used to pick up stones, but now he also works as a stonemason. He also makes figures with wood and chainsaws. Afterwards, Roberto finds Pagadi training. He plays indoor soccer for the Xota team in Izurtzun and is the oldest player in the team. They know him by the nickname Patapalo or Palote Roberto. Finally, he will also be with Irati, who will tell him about the competitions that take place during the town’s festivities: the cap shot, the olive shot and the clothes worn on top of each other, which weighed the most. Will Pagadi adapt?

The tree will start the day with Mikel. Mikel is a great pelota player and he also competes in inter-village tournaments. Apart from pelota, Iskidi is a street animator with characters from Basque mythology. Zuhaitz will also meet Joana, and she will get to know her two hobbies: flowers and reforms. Finally, he will learn about the chrono-climbing of forklifts, the chrono-climbing of carts. Txape is to blame for the race, and he will explain the details to Zuhaitzi.


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