Is Camavinga’s goal disallowed?

Is Camavinga’s goal disallowed?

2023-09-24 23:49:34

How everything could have changed if Arberola Rojas, referee of the derby between Atlético and Real Madrid, validated Camavinga’s goal. Validity of a goal that would have made it 2-2 at the Metropolitano. Which would have led Ancelotti’s team to tie in one of those so-called psychological goals. Because the goal, disallowed, reached the limit of half-time.

But there was no celebration from the Madridistas. The reason, that the referee did not validate the report. It did not validate said action. And he did not do it for an action that is the most controversial of a derby with three other situations to analyze.

However, it is this goal that will cause the most people to talk. Arberola Rojas disallowed Rudiger’s goal due to offside. Offside that exists, and that the VAR confirmed. Yes, the German is advanced at the moment of the pass… the story is to know if he is positional or not and in what way and form he intervenes in the play.

The play, key

The referee interpreted that the German’s situation is key for the future of the action. The German defender does not touch the ball at any time, but Mario Hermoso goes straight towards him, missing the mark of his pair.

Is it enough to nullify the play? According to Arberola Rojas, yes. Also according to the members of the VAR, who did not call the referee to see the screen in case of a possible change of decision.

It would have been 2-2

It all ended with the leather on the tights, finished off by Camavinga. Everything would have ended, if validated, with a 2-2 in the Metropolitano. Everything would have ended with a play that could have completely changed the outcome of the derby.

From a derby that ended 3-1 with two goals from Morata and one from Griezmann for Atleti, and with a great goal from Toni Kroos that gave Real Madrid hope. All the goals from Simeone’s team, with a header.

The key, in the bands

Real Madrid’s defense, especially Alaba and Fran García, portrayed. Furthermore, Ancelotti’s so-called ‘tree’ did not give any results in a match in which the key was on the wings. Atleti won there.

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