Instagram creators of the meta group have introduced a subscription feature to generate revenue. The test is given to the 10 most famous creators in the United States to test this out first. These include basketball player Sedona Prince, model Clashy Cook, and actor Alan Chickin Shaw.

Insta is about to launch a new service

“Through this service, creators can stay in touch with their audience. Creators can also increase their revenue by offering exclusive videos to subscribers on an existing platform,” Instagram said. Users can join by clicking on the Subscribe option on the profile page. Creators can uniquely identify subscribers in the comments, private messages, etc. that come with their post. According to Instagram, this will strengthen the relationship between the two. The monthly subscription for this can be as little as $ 0.99 (Rs. 89). Netizens believe that this new update from Insta is similar to the existing Twitter Blue service on Twitter. Insta has updated this app on Facebook group apps that have not yet joined the subscription service. Not only this, with the help of Vertical mode you can test insta stories.

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