Is it forbidden for players to eat beef and pork? P.C.C.I. Description

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Following the news that the Indian Cricket Board has imposed a diet restriction on players, the BCCI Has provided the explanation.

Do not eat …

The food list for Indian cricketers has been released on behalf of the Cricket Board. It has been reported that some important restrictions have been imposed other than the regular diet and that veterans should not eat beef or pork in any form, which should not be on their diet list, and that all meat dishes served to veterans should be halal.

Yo-yo experiment …

These restrictions are said to have been imposed as physical fitness is considered very important for Indian players. It seems that restrictions may have been imposed as athletes who go for the yo-yo test may fail in training due to unwanted meat cramps when eating beef and pork. It has been heavily criticized on social media. The food rights of the players are personal. Is it right for the cricket board to interfere in this? That has been questioned by many.

Not charged …

The Cricket Board has explained that there is no dietary restriction on Indian players in this case. Cricket Board of India Treasurer Arun Dumal said on behalf of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) did not provide any guidance to any player or team on what to eat and what not to eat. All these rumors are baseless.

Unsubstantiated …

This diet plan has never been discussed. Will not be implemented. The Cricket Board did not issue instructions on food. They are given the freedom to choose their own food. Thus he has said.

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