Is it Jayalalitha? Don’t! Do you know the reason for Jayakanthan’s refusal?

Is it Jayalalitha?  Don’t!  Do you know the reason for Jayakanthan’s refusal?

Late writer Jayakanthan made significant contributions in all three fields: literature, politics and cinema. He grew up in the Communist Party. He stood up for the Left and asked for votes. He has compassion for Kamaraj and anger towards Dravidian politics. On the last day, the artist got an award from Karunanidhi and leaned towards Dravidian politics.

Social realism in Jayakanthan’s stories begins with a lawyer’s arguments. So, it can attract common readers instantly. When MGR was leading the way as a film actor, he was celebrated with godlike reverence. Chithalu, the short story he wrote after thinking about this individual worship, went to the cinema. The story is about the consequences of a woman who is infatuated with cinema, and that too in love with a certain actor, who leaves after seeing his film on the first day.

When Chithalu’s story that went to the cinema was released and received a huge response, Ilavenil, who was in the Communist Party with Jayakanthan, wrote an article criticizing it. It was also talked about a lot. V. Gauthaman made a short film about the Chithalu story that went to the cinema. Trying to destroy Ural thinking of her.

The story of Jayakanthan’s Agnipravesam was about a daughter who was raped by a faceless man who poured water on her head and passed the incident away as a mere defilement. The story published in Anandavikadan became the talk of Tamil Nadu that day. The basis of the story is whether a woman should be haunted by someone’s wrongdoing all the time.

G. Nagarajan wrote a story in response to that story. That is, a woman who is subjected to violence becomes pregnant. Now, can’t the problem be solved by spraying and sprinkling? He wrote this story in the sense that the solution to violence is not just to sprinkle water and achieve self-relief.

The world of literature has always functioned like this opinion and counter-opinion. Jayakanthan sometimes wrote the story of some people in Dinamani Kathir as a sequel to Agnipravesam story. The story was serialized and later published as a book. In this story, the victim’s mother panics that the unthinkable has happened and informs the neighbors about the matter. So, he made her stay and study in Chennai under the custody of her father-in-law.

She will also study and get a job. Meanwhile, she has to face the sexual harassment of her old father-in-law. At some point in life, she will seek out the person who spoiled her. He is married and has a grown up daughter. This girl will fall in love with him who smokes a cigarette and says without any sense of guilt that he did something unknowingly.

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In the end, the girl who has done nothing wrong, the father-in-law who only misbehaved with her, the man who raped her, all advise her to get married. But the story ends with her refusing and deciding to spend the rest of her life in the memory of her rapist.

A widowed woman is free to remarry. But Jayakanthan once said that I have respect for women who do not do that and live as widows. A woman once married – that is, with one man – should never allow another man into her life. If they behave like that, Jayakanthan will gain respect and respect for them.


In this story, the rape of the woman is also a type of marriage, so the woman would have decided to spend the rest of her life alone without allowing any man other than him in her life. If a film comes out with such a story in this day and age, it would have been washed away. But this was seen as a revolutionary concept at the time. Bhimsingh directed the film brilliantly. Mainly Vittal Rao’s cinematography took the film to another level. The film ran for 100 days and won the National Award for Best Performance for Lakshmi in the lead role.

Bhimsingh had planned to cast Jayalalithaa and Muthuraman in this story. A call sheet was also obtained from them. But Jayakanthan adamantly refused saying that neither of them would be suitable for the lead roles and Lakshmi suggested Srikanth. As he wished, it happened in the end. You will understand how good it is when you watch the movie.

Lakshmi did not cooperate properly in the final stages of the film. He didn’t even dub for many scenes. Then they hired someone else to complete the dubbing. Fortunately, the award committee did not know this detail. If they had known, the award would not have been received.

Even though the concept of the film is not appropriate, when such a story came out in that period, the way it was shot is still seen today. Today marks the 46th anniversary of the release of Sometimes Some People on April 1, 1977.

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