Is it worth renting a wedding dress?

A rented wedding dress looks just as good on the wedding pictures as a bought one.
Image: Frank Röth

Nowadays, couples have to pay unbelievable sums for a wedding. Some items can be questioned. Also this one: why buy a wedding dress when you can rent it?

Dhe lifestyle of Carrie and Boris Johnson, the first couple in Great Britain, has been scrutinized quite well thanks to a number of scandals. There was the ‘John Lewis nightmare’, when Carrie derided the utilitarian furniture in the private premises at Downing Street, after a maker popular with many Britons; the allegedly necessary renovation costs are said to have amounted to well over £100,000.

A dress for 45 pounds

Jennifer Wiebking

Editor in the “Life” department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

There were also the various parties for employees during dark lockdown days; The prime minister has just had to accept a fine from the police for violating contact restrictions. “Wallpapergate”, alluding to the expensive wallpapers at Johnson’s house, “Partygate” – and “Cakegate”, because there was also serenade and cake on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s birthday in lockdown: the Johnson couple, so the impression, often relies on them hedonistic card.


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