Is the fifth wave already here? The Corona department manager explains the data

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Professor Dror Mevorach, director of the Corona Department at Hadassah Hospital, spoke this morning (Thursday) with Guy Peleg and Nissim Mashaal on their program on 103FM, in order to explain to listeners whether Israel is currently entering the fifth wave of the Corona. According to the professor, the answer is that the new wave is already here, but it is not yet clear what its scope is: “The numbers speak for themselves, whether it is a small or large wave, we will see.”

Despite this, the director of the Corona Department insisted that the current wave is mainly, but not exclusively, among unvaccinated people. “There is a majority of between 70% and 80% who are hospitalized unvaccinated. It still needs to be discarded as there are about 20% hospitalized who have been vaccinated, including the booster dose, mainly elderly people whose immune system is weakened but also vaccinated can be hospitalized and should not be forgotten,” he stressed. blessed.

Asked by Guy Peleg if the effectiveness of the booster dose is waning, the professor replied: “Immune response is not measured in immunological hypotheses. There is a natural decrease in the number of antibodies, but that does not mean there is a decrease in the vaccine effect. I believe the booster cream will respond “.

He then went on to talk about the issue of restrictions on the public and argued that the current government policy is no different from the previous government policy: “Decide to go for the bride policy, do not let the economy happen. “.

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“I would not go to the Festigal for example,” stressed the professor, who added that “I will not go, but do not know if I would forbid his existence. I would worry about having a green mark, but as an individual I do not know if I would run to such events.”

Finally, he addressed the issue of childhood vaccines, whose distribution began this week, noting that there is no data yet on the number of vaccinated: “It has really started and there are thousands of children vaccinated, but this is just the beginning I do not think it can be seen in a day or two.”

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Eden Ben Ari, 103fm


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