Is there a difference in using chopped and mashed garlic in cooking?

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The people add a distinctive and delicious taste to all dishes, but the housewife may wonder whether he uses mashed or chopped, and how it affects the taste.

What is the difference between using mashed garlic and chopped garlic?

Just like onions and leeks, garlic contains sulfur compounds.
Once you chop garlic, the inside surfaces are exposed to oxygen.
This will enhance the flavor of the garlic when it is added chopped. This means that the more garlic is chopped, the stronger the flavor.
Therefore, crushed garlic is added to dishes that require highlighting the garlic flavor.
While chopped garlic is added to dishes that require adding a lighter garlic flavor and equal to other flavors. Dishes that require the addition of whole garlic cloves have a very mild garlic flavor.

Storing crushed garlic

Can mashed garlic be substituted for minced garlic or vice versa in any of the recipes?

Crushed garlic can be replaced with minced garlic in any of the recipes, it depends on your desire to highlight the garlic flavour. Crushed garlic is ideal for sauces such as pasta sauce, pesto sauce, salad dressings and more.

Crushed garlic is ideal for stews, as it is slowly combined with other ingredients to bring out its flavor on par with other flavors.


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