Is this the case in Singapore? Private hospital announcing prize for nurse job

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As there is a severe shortage of nurses in Singapore hospitals, one of the private hospitals there has announced that it will offer cash prizes to those who help hire nurses.

There is a shortage of nurses in hospitals in Singapore. It has been announced that if one of the private hospitals there hires a selected nurse at that particular private hospital, the person who will be admitted will be given a cash prize of S $ 12,000.

An unnamed administrator at a private hospital in Singapore told a popular English media outlet that a large number of nurses from abroad used to come and work.

But since nurses are not granted permanent residency in Singapore, he said, they would work here for a year or two and move to countries like Canada with that work experience.

Last year there was an unprecedented shortage of nurses in Singapore. At present it is expected to increase even more. In the first half of this 2021 alone 1500 nurses have resigned.

As many as 500 foreign doctors have resigned. The number of nurses resigning was 2,000 per year, and now the health sector is deeply concerned as 1500 have passed in just 6 months this year. Also, it is noteworthy that there is a high demand for nurses and doctors in Singapore as the corona infection is still low.


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