Is this the end of Twitter? Elon Musk is threatened

According to the Financial Times newspaper, which spoke to a source with knowledge of the details of the conversation, Barton threatened the richest man in the world that if he did not obey a series of instructions from the Union – the social network would be completely blocked in all 27 countries of the Union, whose population is about 450 million people and makes the Union the third largest sovereign in the world

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The source said that Barton demanded that Musk stop his “arbitrary” policy of returning accounts blocked from Twitter for one reason or another, fight the spread of false information through the social network, and agree to an “independent and thorough review” of it by a body authorized by the Union. Otherwise, Twitter risks violating the “Digital Services Law” that came into force exactly two weeks ago and requires network service companies to follow a long list of strict rules. The penalty for violation? Blocking, as already mentioned, and/or fines in the amount of 6% of the company’s global income – or, in the case of Twitter, which, according to its latest annual report, brought in $5.08 billion in 2021, about $305 million.


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