Isca, the island of Eduardo De Filippo sold to Positano entrepreneurs

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The rock a few hundred meters from the Marina del Cantone, purchased by the Antica Sartoria group, already owner of the Palazzo Doria d’Angri in Naples

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The islet of Isca

The islet of Isca, a marine hermitage of Eduardo De Filippo, was sold by the heirs of Luca, the son of the immense playwright. The negotiation was long and complex. But in the end the agreement was found. The details of the purchase are not known, but in consideration of the exclusivity of the place it can be assumed that the agreed amount is around 10 million euros.

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Isca, the island of Eduardo De Filippo sold
Positano entrepreneurs

The positanese entrepreneurs Giacomo Cinque and Riccardo Ruggiti, owners of the Antica Sartoria company, already authors of important acquisitions of prestigious historic properties, bought the rock, located in front of the Crapolla fjord and reachable by boat in a few minutes from the Marina del Cantone. such as the San Giacomo and Santa Croce palaces, in the upper area of ​​Positano and Palazzo Doria d’Angri in Naples from which Giuseppe Garibaldi announced the annexation of Naples to the Kingdom of Italy and which has now become the representative office of Antica Sartoria. The island of Eduardo is accessed through a small landing point, from which one ascends to the top of the rock where the large manor house and that of the caretaker are located.

Eduardo and the island

We arrived at the beginning of June, we left with the first cold. He spent his time writing: like an ant he put aside scripts for the winter. I was a child, I looked at him bent over the sheets, but I didn’t get close … So, Luca De Filippo, in 1994, ten years after his father’s death, exceptional guide in a reportage published in Sette, told the way in where the great Neapolitan playwright lived the family island. Eduardo landed in Isca in ’47, looking for a secluded and silent place. He bought it for 18 thousand lire from an old friend of his, Vittorio Astarita, who set foot on the rock only in autumn and spring to hunt quail but decided to sell it after being stuck there for days due to a sudden storm.

First objective: respect for the environment

The formal acquisition of the island has been completed in the past few days. The new property determined to recover, enhance and increase the naturalistic heritage of the site which has always been characterized by its agricultural vocation. The preservation of the garden and the Mediterranean scrub presents at the top of the concerns. Still on Isca there are mastic, myrtle, the caper plant, the olive tree, the prickly pear. An in-depth agronomic study, conducted with the most modern technologies, will allow us to have a precise framework to aim for the restoration of some crops such as vines, citrus fruits and tomatoes, the main ingredient of the legendary “Rra” by Eduardo. An area of ​​Isca, the breeding area of ​​the Corsican gull, this peculiarity will also be scrupulously respected. Equal attention will be paid to energy efficiency of the island with the use of the latest generation lithium batteries and photovoltaic panels with low environmental impact, and then focus on the supply of energy from the mainland. Contacts with the top of theProtected marine area of ​​Punta della Campanella to develop safeguard synergies. The islet included in zone b of the Marine Park, in which, among other prohibitions, the anchorage is in force which is not always respected by boaters. The goal would be to create a corridor between the internal side of the island and the coast for free swimming and canoeing.

November 9, 2021 | 12:13

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