Island of the famous, Valeria Marini new competitor, but … The official announcement

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Island of the famous, Valeria Marini competitor in Spain at Supervivientes

Valeria Marini new shipwrecked atIsland of the Famous. But not the Italian version. The showgirl agreed to fly to Honduras in the Spanish edition (Survivors 2021).

Valeria Marini, reality star: Isola dei Famosi, Big Brother Vip, Temptation Island Vip

Per Valeria Marini this is nothing new: in 2008 he took part in L’Isola as a guest star, in 2012 he was in the cast of the VIPs and was a competitor for 44 days, then in 2018 he only participated for 3 days for a special appearance. In Italian reality shows she was also the protagonist of Big Brother VIP twice (Gf Vip 1 and 4) e Temptation Island VIP (together with the then boyfriend Patrick), in addition to ‘Reality Circus‘(in the circus world, ranking fifth).

Celebrity Island: Valeria Marini, Elisa De Panicis … Italian stars in Spain

L’Island of the Famous Spanish before Valeria Marini he had already had other castaways and castaways from Italy: Carmen Russo in 2006 he not only joined the team, but won the reality show. Valerio Pino he participated in 2007, then Elisa De Panicis in 2015 and Paola Caruso in 2017.

Island of the Famous Spain: Valeria Marini and … The cast

L’Island of the Famous Spanish in addition to Valeria Marini has a cast rich. Here are the participants: the dancer Antonio Canales; singer Sylvia Pantoja; the journalist Alexia Rivas; the former participants of ‘La isla de las tentaciones, Tom Brusse, Melyssa Pinto and Lola; Marta López; the chef Carlos Alba; the dancer Lara Sajen; the stylist and wife of Antonio David Flores, Olga Moreno and the windsurfer and boyfriend of Anabel Pantoja, Omar Sánchez.

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