Isolation shortening Corona projector admits: “We can not guarantee that after five days there is no danger of infection”

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The corona projector, Prof. Salman Zarqa, today (Monday) addressed during a statement to the public the government and the Ministry of Health’s move to deal with the spread of the corona and in particular to shorten the isolation to five days although this is likely to lead to many virus infections.

Prof. Zarqa: “We are in the midst of the omicron wave, but the delta is also in the background. We are also witnessing an increase in critically ill patients. Hospitalization data show that among Oluxia, 86 percent of this wave are over 60. 75 Invalid.I said these things and I repeat the criteria to differentiate: patients hospitalized in corona and not corona are very complex.

We did an in-depth examination with all patients in the country, and found that 78 percent of the severely hospitalized patients across the country, including respirators, are due to the corona. HMOs and hospitals provide an excellent solution, the large amount of infection creates large loads on the medical system, especially when many other medical staffs are also infected in Corona.

We are examining the issue of infections in medical teams and are preparing for the possibility of allowing essential workers to continue working under certain conditions, both in the health system and in other systems. We will continue to update our policies whenever necessary. We did tests and held discussions and consultations and also with the Minister of Health and decided to shorten the duration of isolation from seven days to five days. We found that most of the infection happens by the third day. Isolation shortening is something we are required to do and face the risks we are facing.

The environment we are in has omicron, delta and flu and we need to be careful, especially the at-risk population. The way for us to defend ourselves is to exercise caution in the near future. Even before shortening the isolation, we are aware that there are cases that we have not identified, for example a person who has no symptoms. We ask everyone to be tested, even without symptoms people can be infected. “

We need to prevent infection and take care of ourselves, vaccination reduces the risk of infection and the risk of serious illness. Along with the vaccine, it is important that people in the risk groups and over the age of 60 reduce physical encounters in the near future. Calls not to endanger these people with infection, when these groups are avoided, we make sure not to transmit the virus.

We are examining in the coming days another distribution of antigen kits in schools, and are also considering distributing to additional populations. The availability of the antigen has increased in the last week for the entire population. We demanded that the HMOs not perform PCR tests for those who are not at risk, so we will ensure that in less than a day there will be answers and there will be no load on the laboratories. Otherwise we will reach a situation where PCR will give answers after five days, putting the priority for the population at risk. There is risk management here, can not guarantee that after five days there is no danger of infection. I emphasize, we are in a very high wave, we will continue to review our policies to continue to keep the economy as open as possible. “

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