Israel and Morocco have signed an arms deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars

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Unmanned aerial vehicles and an advanced air defense system: these are just some of the weapons that Israel will sell to Morocco – this is how we publish today (Thursday) for the first time. Until now, Israel has refused to accede to Moroccan requests, but with the warming of relations and the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries, this is now possible. These developments come at a time when Defense Minister Ganz is visiting Morocco, and in a column published this morning in one of the country’s newspapers he wrote: “Relations are based on mutual respect.”

Representatives of the Rabat administration came to meetings with Ganz with a respectable “grocery list” of weapons they wanted to purchase: IAI UAVs, Elta radars, skimmers, Sky Lock systems for intercepting and neutralizing skimmers and improving F5 aircraft. Used by the Moroccan Air Force.

Defense Minister Gantz on a visit to Morocco

However, the highlight of the deal is an air defense system manufactured by the aerospace industry called “Lightning 8.” The system is usually installed on ships, but also comes in a terrestrial version of ground-level anti-aircraft systems that the Moroccans requested. In return for all these things, the defense industries in Israel will receive hundreds of millions of dollars.

The motive for promoting the deal for Morocco is the growing tension with neighboring Algeria, which has the largest army in the Maghreb region. Rabat is afraid of finding itself in numerical and qualitative inferiority, and is interested in offsetting this gap. Moroccans are also facing a domestic threat – the Polisario, a movement calling for recognition of Western Sahara’s sovereignty and independence.

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In light of the fact that the police station was supported by, among others, Hezbollah, Defense Minister Ganz and representatives of the Political-Security Division in his office met yesterday with the Moroccan Defense Minister, the Chief of Staff and the head of intelligence services. , It was decided to hold joint training between the armies.

Ganz: “The most important battle is for peace and stability”

The Israeli defense minister referred this morning to his visit to Morocco, and in a column he wrote for the local newspaper “Ahadat Magrabia” he wrote: “One day, I will sit in the living room with my grandchildren, and tell them about the historic visit we established. In recent years and reached its peak with their publication in the Avraham agreements. “

As Chief of Staff, I fought in dozens of operations, but I never forgot that the most important battle is for peace and stability. This can only happen if Israel is strong, but also strengthens its relations with its allies. “We will work with our Moroccan friend, with the support of the United States, to strengthen our relations with the other countries in the region, including Jordan, Egypt, the countries that are parties to the Abrahamic Accords – as well as with our Palestinian neighbors.”

Gantz on the front pages of newspapers in Morocco (Photo: From the newspaper A LA UNE)
Ganz on the cover of the Moroccan newspaper | Photo: From the newspaper A LA UNE

Ganz also referred to the agreements signed by the states: “After years of informal cooperation in preventing terrorism, we have taken the relationship a step further, made it official and signed a defense agreement that will allow us to share intelligence and joint training. This partnership is critical to regional challenges and threats to peace The world against fundamentalist terrorism. “

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“As is well known, Israel is particularly concerned about Iranian aggression and its desire to reach a military nucleus. It is the duty of the world to take action against Iran, which is not only a challenge to Israel, but first and foremost a danger to the whole world and the region.”

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