Israel defeated Poland 61:69 in the opening World Cup qualifiers

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The Israeli team did it and in a big way! Tonight (Thursday) the team opened the journey to the European Championships and defeated Poland 61:69. Much thanks to the never-ending pair of players Guy Panini and Gal Makal who led the team to a huge victory in Guy Goodes’ debut game as national team coach.

The team worked very hard after at a very early stage found itself in double digits, but thanks to the experience of the veteran players, the team slowly came back on the road to the important victory.

The Poles thought the game was in their hands after gaining a 16-point advantage already in the first quarter but a big three by Nimrod Levy towards the end of the quarter put some air into the team in blue and white.

Later, the team came back with a lot of fighting and later a big three by Tomer Ginat gave them the first advantage in the game and a makeover. At the end of the half the team led by 4 points. The comeback is complete.

The second half continued to be close as the Poles reached the equalizer but once again there was a wave of stick that saved Goodes with two big threes en route to a ten-point lead at the end of the third quarter.

In the last quarter again the Poles managed to come back thanks to three consecutive threes that narrowed the gap to just two points. But again there was a stick wave that with a big basket ensured the victory for the team in blue and white.

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