Israel national team striker Sean Weissman on the attack: “Death penalty for all terrorists”

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Like all the people of Israel who were shocked today (Sunday) by the horrific attack in which Eliyahu David Kay, 26, was killed, immigrating from South Africa by a terrorist in Jerusalem. So is our representative overseas.

Israel national team striker Sean Weissman posted a story on his Instagram page and wrote a clear message:

Photo from the story of Sean Weissman

This is not the first time Weissman has spoken out against what is happening in the State of Israel. Last May, in the midst of Operation Wall Guard, Weissman said of MK Ayman Odeh in the context of his remarks: “We support the fair issue until the end of the occupation and the establishment of a state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Weissman said: “Habibi, you are a terrorist and a supporter of terrorism, you can not sit in our Knesset. Leave your ID card and go to Syria !!”.

Sean Weissman with the blessing of Shema Yisrael. Photo from the striker’s Instagram page

And he is not alone. Eran Zehavi also spoke out against the MK at the time, saying: “How do you want there to be no mess in this country if you express yourself like that in your head? Against such statements from both directions, but those who do not want to be part of the State of Israel and understand that it will remain the State of Israel and its capital will be Jerusalem – let there be enough men and go elsewhere. He will return the blue ID card with all the rights he has and will go to establish the state he wants. In the middle of a war to speak out like this against the country you live in is something that is unacceptable and incomprehensible, sorry. You can respond as you wish. “

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Eran Zehavi. Photo: Reuters

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