Israel: “Ready to cease fire in the Gaza Strip”. Hamas: “We evaluate”

The Israeli government has formally informed Egypt, the country that is mediating indirect talks with Hamas, that it intends to end the ‘Guardian of the Walls’ operation. Al Jazeera reported this, citing anonymous sources. According to Haarez, Hamas will evaluate the response if Israel really announces a unilateral truce.

“No agreement has been reached with Israel on the ceasefire, but if rumors are true that it is ready to announce a unilateral truce, Hamas will assess the situation and decide how to proceed.” So Husam Budran, a member of the Hamas political bureau, speaking on a radio, according to time.

However, according to Israeli broadcaster Channel 12, Hamas has accepted a ceasefire with Israel starting Friday. The news has not yet received official confirmation. However, according to the same broadcaster, Hamas would have imposed certain conditions, such as Israel’s participation in the reconstruction of Gaza and other requests regarding the Esplanade of the Mosques that the Jewish state has no intention of accepting.

To confirm the news of the ceasefire from Friday, however, sources of the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement to the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar, according to which the ceasefire would not be unilateral, according to the intentions of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, but would be binding on the two. set off.


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