Israeli police officers located in Eilat the missing woman who is suspected of carrying the new variant. Eilat News

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Israeli police officers recently located in Eilat the missing woman who is suspected of carrying the new variant. After the woman’s defense and protection, she was transferred to the Home Front Command.
Following a request for assistance received in the Eilat area by the Israel Police to locate a woman who allegedly arrived in Eilat carrying the new variant, the area immediately began performing quick operations to locate her and soon the woman was located in an apartment in the city.

The police arrived at the apartment after locating her friend who works in Eilat and instead of staying in isolation as required, she went to her place of work.

The commander of the area, Deputy Superintendent Finchi Moshe, has a special situation assessment, at the end of which the police went out to locate her, while constantly reporting to the HFK established in the Eilat area.
Immediately after locating the place where her friend was allegedly on suspicion, they defended themselves and then began searching for her. Immediately after she was located, she was given a protective suit. When they arrived at the apartment, the other woman was located. A report was forwarded to the Home Front Command, which accepted responsibility for further treatment.

“We reiterate our request to the public to adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health for Corona and emphasize that any deviation will be treated with zero tolerance.”

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