Israeli ship hit by Iranian missile

Israeli ship hit by Iranian missile. An Israeli-owned ship was hit and damaged by a missile fired from Iran. The Israeli broadcaster ‘Channel 12’ reports without citing the source, but reporting that the container ship, which sailed from Tanzania and headed for India, was attacked in the Arabian Sea, between Iran and India.

According to the broadcaster, the incident was reported to the Israeli security forces and the owners of the shipping company based in Haifa. The ship will continue to India where it will undergo a damage assessment.

THE SUSPECTS – “We have to investigate, but we know for sure that Iran is trying to hit Israeli infrastructure and citizens,” Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz told broadcaster Kan. The minister stressed that the ship was close to Iran at the moment of the accident and this raises suspicions towards Tehran.

According to Israeli media, the Liberian-flagged Lori container ship is owned by Haifa-based XT Management Ltd. It left Tanzania on 21 March, was headed for India and was hit by a missile in the Arabian Sea. The damage was minor and no one on board was injured, so much so that the ship continued its voyage.

THE ‘SECRET WAR’ – The incident appears to be part of a ‘secret naval war’ between Israel and Iran. On February 26, the Israeli-owned Bahamian-flagged ship Helios Rey reported an explosion on board in the Gulf of Oman. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu blamed Iran, but Tehran denied.

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal recently cited American and Middle Eastern sources reporting at least 12 Israeli attacks on Iranian ships bound for Syria with cargoes of oil and weapons. The attacks, carried out with mines and other weapons, began in 2019 and targeted Iranian vessels and cargo ships. Two ships were forced to turn back, but none sank. Israel did not comment on the news.


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