Israel’s government allows travelers entering the country to have an antibody test instead of a PCR test

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The Israeli Prime Minister’s office said the government’s coronavirus commission allowed tourists entering the country to do an antibody test 24 hours before a flight instead of a PCR test 72 hours before departure.

It is clarified that during a telephone conversation, the Commission of Ministers to Combat Coronavirus approved a new recommendation from the Ministry of Health, according to which the rules for entering Israel from abroad will change.

“Now, visitors can take an antigen test 24 hours before departure, as an alternative to current requirements. Now it is necessary to pass the PCR test within 72 hours before arriving in Israel, ”the message says.

The Kan edition added that the antigen test must be done in a certified laboratory. Upon arrival in Israel, arrivals will have to do a PCR test at Ben Gurion Airport.


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