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2023-10-01 02:58:23

Here I will show you how to access the ISSSTE personal loan appointment system.

If you have already registered, have checked the results of the draws, and are a winner, then you must complete your registration through the registration system. ISSSTE Online Appointment

The first thing you should do is:

Enter the system using your CURP and the folio number you received.

To schedule an appointment with the ISSSTE, the following documents are required:

Last proof of perceptions and deductions (Original and copy)

Proof of address valid for no more than 60 calendar days (Original and copy)

Valid official identification (INE, Passport or Professional ID) (Original and copy)

bank statement (in case of payment by electronic transfer) (Copy)

Proof of perceptions and deductions issued by the Insurance Company that administers the pension and validated by the Pension Area (if you are an Individual Account Pensioner)

Once you have all these documents in order, you must follow the registration process through the ASISSSTE Online System, which is quite simple:

Please allow a period of 5 business days from when you receive notification that you have been selected in any of the electronic drawings. Access the ASISSSTE system on the official website ( Enter your CURP and the SIAEPP registration folio number, which matches the folio number you obtained when registering. Provide the required documents and book your appointment at the subdelegation where you completed registration.

If you prefer in-person attention, you can go directly to one of the benefits sub-delegations of your delegation and present the documentation without having to register online. Approximately 7 business days later, you will receive a call to pick up the transfer or check and sign the promissory note.

If you opt for the in-person appointment, you can find information about the sub-delegations closest to your location by clicking on the corresponding button on the website.

To resolve any concerns or additional questions, you can call 4000 1000 in Mexico City, or 01 (55) 4000 1000 in the rest of the country. You also have the option of contacting us via email [email protected] or via online chat following the link provided.

If you have questions, contact us via Chat by doing click here or call us at 55 4000 1000.

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