Istat, in January industrial production + 1% per month and -2.4% per year

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Industrial production rises at the beginning of the year. The seasonally adjusted index calculated by Istat marks an increase of 1.0% compared to December, while the overall one corrected for calendar effects records a decrease in trend terms of 2.4% (there were 19 calendar working days , against 21 in January 2020). On the average for the November-January quarter, the level of production decreased by 1.7% compared to the previous three months.

“In January – explains Istat – there is an economic increase in industrial production that consolidates the slight growth of the previous month. The positive trend in January is widespread in the main sectors, with the exclusion of energy, and is more accentuated for capital goods. On the average of the last three months, on the other hand, the overall economic trend remains negative. In trend terms, the change in the index adjusted for calendar effects remains negative. dynamism of intermediate goods, the only sector growing in both economic and trend terms “.

In detail, the monthly seasonally adjusted index shows sustained cyclical increases for capital goods (+ 1.4%) and consumer goods (+ 1.2%), more contained for intermediate goods (+ 0.4%); conversely, there was a decrease in the energy sector (-0.8%).

On the trend front, there is an increase only for intermediate goods (+ 2.4%), while the remaining sectors show decreases, with a pronounced decline for consumer goods (-8.6%) and less marked for the other aggregates (-1.8% for capital goods and -0.9% for energy).

The sectors of economic activity that recorded the greatest trend increases are the manufacture of electrical equipment (+ 9.7%), the manufacture of chemical products (+ 4.4%) and of rubber and plastic materials (+3.8 %). Conversely, the greatest decreases are recorded in the textile, clothing, leather and accessories industries (-20.8%), in the manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products (-18.4%) and in the manufacture of basic and prepared pharmaceutical products ( -13.6%).

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