| It can be said that life is intoxicating Mangalam

Although protests against drug addiction are being organized globally, the impact of drug addiction on our youth is increasing day by day. Proof of that is what we saw and heard during and after the lockdown. Every day there are shocking news to be learned through the newspapers and visual media of the country. Its sponsors can easily turn our school children and college students into drug addicts. The time has come for governments, parents and relatives to act responsibly.

Such intoxicating substances are available in various forms and means. In the news, these are widely available in the form of candy and smiley stickers, which are considered harmless. Youths and minors, regardless of gender, are often addicted to drugs. These poison carriers are able to send our children back to such wrong ways very easily from the exile world to the country for further studies. Therefore, it is necessary to make children aware and follow their every move, especially their friendships.

Why can’t our government systems, which have closed all the ways to prevent the pandemic covid, be able to save our future generations from this disaster? Don’t the authorities realize that it is necessary for the country’s progress to free the children and young women, who are the hopes and dreams of every home and country, from the grip of this deadly drug? The next generation will not forgive us if the authorities, who live by mixing caste, religion and politics even in the water they drink and the air they breathe, conduct discussions and studies in this regard and do not procrastinate.

We need activities that convince our young generation that life is the real addiction. Education plans should create a clear sense of direction. They should be able to create systems and opportunities in the country that give them hope for the future. Educationists should be provided with decent employment opportunities and better wages and living conditions. If this issue is not dealt with positively and with the seriousness it deserves, the future of the future generations and the country itself will be bleak. For that, the authorities should wake up and open their eyes to reality.

Saji Utuppan Muscat


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