it had been hidden to prevent theft. It will be kept for 10 years –

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The mystery has been clarified: the organ, along with liver and kidneys, extracted during the autopsy to study the causes of the death of the sample. The first transfer to Buenos Aires with exceptional security measures because a plan had been discovered to steal him

One year after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, which took place on 25 November 2020 in an apartment in Tigre and who left many mysteries to be solved (especially on the responsibilities of death), at least what concerned what happened to the heart of the former Argentine champion. In recent days, the news had leaked that the sample had been buried without a heart. Now the clear reason: the organ was extracted on 25 November during the autopsy along with the liver and kidneys. A procedure often applied when the reasons for death are unclear.

The first transfer and the risk of theft

On 2 December 2020, exactly one week after Maradona’s death, the heart, liver and kidneys were therefore transferred to the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Scientific Superintendence of the Buenos Aires Province Police. A delicate operation carried out with many precautions and safety measures because the investigators had discovered a plan
to steal Maradona’s heart and keep it as a trophy.

The heart preserved in La Plata

In the complementary examinations it was established that Maradona’s heart, in addition to having several scars due to micro infarcts suffered in the past, he weighed 503 grams, almost double that of a healthy person. Now, according to the protocol, Diego’s organs will be stored for the next 10 years in formaldehyde – and with maximum safety measures – in the Department of Pathological Anatomy of La Plata, just 300 meters from the Gimnasia stadium, his latest club. as a coach.

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