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The number that most alarms is that of intensive care with 2,475 employed and above all 232 new entries registered on Thursday. Because it comes dangerously close to that threshold of 3,000 which triggers the alarm. And not the only one. The data on the new infected, which in recent days shows the rapid rise of the epidemiological curve, the other indicator kept an eye on anxiously by experts. Because it shows that the third wave has now begun and the government’s request for regional presidents and mayors to send all the areas where outbreaks are redundant has already turned into pressing. If even this is not enough to stop the advance of Covid-19, the national closures. At the moment the hypothesis of returning to the lockdown is excluded, other hypotheses continue to be explored. And they all go in the same direction: limit the movement of people as much as possible, avoid contact. The next fortnight will be decisive, we have to monitor the effect of the ordinances on the change of band, repeat the health ministers Roberto Speranza and regional affairs Mariastella Gelmini.

I mini lockdown

The ordinances on the areas in the red zone will have to be extended to the neighboring municipalities precisely to prevent the risk of contagion. It serves a maximize restrictions in danger zones also resorting to dark orange which does not provide for a lockdown but still closes the schools. The alert for infections among the very young – with the surge in the age group between 10 and 19 years – in fact, it forces distance learning. But this may not be enough.

And him

If the curve does not decrease in the same areas where the lessons are in Dad, the lockout of some businesses. Moreover, in last week’s meeting with the governors, Gelmini was all too explicit: You ask us to close the schools, but keep the shopping centers open and this is a contradiction, he said. In the red zone, barbershops, hairdressers and beauty centers have already been closed. With a worsening of the situation other categories could suffer the same fate.

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