it is produced in the Tavoliere, it cannot be Napoli-

It is a battle that has been going on for more than three years. On the one hand Campania, which wants the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) Peeled tomato from Naples. On the other, Puglia, which opposes this denomination because the so-called “long tomato” is grown almost exclusively (95%) in Puglia, to be precise in Capitanata, in the Tavoliere delle Puglie in the province of Foggia. Furthermore, in Campania, San Marzano Dop already exists and further certification could create confusion and not produce added value, emphasize from Puglia. In the middle, between the two regions, there is the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, which has already positively assessed the request for IGP recognition of the peeled tomatoes of Naples.

Opposition to recognition

«I have already had contact with the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, we are preparing the file and it will be ready shortly. We will not back down even one millimeter », the Councilor for Agricultural Policies of the Puglia Region, Donato Pentassuglia, has already informed Ansa. «The Region is ready to oppose the request for IGP recognition of the peeled tomatoes of Naples, which the ministry has already positively assessed with the publication in the Official Journal of 13 March. And the outcry will be clear “, Pentassuglia reiterated, highlighting how almost all of the national production of long tomatoes is concentrated in the Foggia area”. Already in 2017 Campania tried to obtain recognition but Puglia opposed in defense of the long Foggia tomato. Now, following the ministerial investigation, a final draft of the production specification of the protected geographical indication Pomodoro Peeled of Naples has been reached. Puglia has 60 days from registration to make an opposition: “There is no doubt that we will do it, the file is almost complete.” These words of the Apulian commissioner are only the beginning of a long battle.


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