It only took a few minutes to ensure the security of the mobile phone, and Apple issued a quick security response to iOS 16.2 test users

Apple added a new feature “Quick Security Response” to iOS 16 to improve mobile phone security. The purpose is to allow users to correct mobile phone security issues without fully updating iOS. Apple released the second quick security response iOS 16.2 (b) to iOS 16.2 test users this morning.

Apple also sent the first quick security response to iOS 16.2 test users in the middle of this month, but this time the quick security response capacity is only 1.9MB. I believe that there is no substantial revision content like the first time, and it is just testing Rapid Security Response System.

Quick Security Response has enabled automatic update by default, and manual installation is also performed through “General > Software Update” in the “Settings” App. However, since the system is not completely upgraded, the installation speed is very fast and can be completed in a few minutes, and the phone restarts It’s also much faster. It is believed that this can encourage iPhone users to update their phones frequently. Security experts have pointed out that updating the mobile phone system frequently can prevent most malicious attacks.

After completing the installation of this quick security response, you can see that the version is iOS 16.2 (b) in the “General > About This Machine > iOS Version” of the “Settings” app. Click the arrow on the right to see the iOS version and each quick response. The content of the security response, and the security response can be removed.

More teaching about rapid security response can be found here.


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