It takes fabric: here are the stories that are worn

Three friends, three mothers and a lockdown that shuffles lives and strengthens the idea of ​​starting a new professional path by giving shape to a dream. Claudia, Viola and Camille are the three souls of «Storie di stoffa», a new artisan tailoring project that proposes the creation of fabrics animated by original drawings that the girls create starting from the writing of children’s stories. The elephant Ernesto, The greedy bear, Story of a tiger who wanted to be everyone’s friend, Red yellow and blue and the discovery of hugs these are just some of the titles of the fairy tales written, drawn and bound, ideas from the collection of fabrics and t-shirts with which the project starts.

At the moment their operational headquarters is a fund in via Montebello 70rosso. An old Singer sewing machine, a large table, scraps of fabric, the newly printed business cards and a part of the first works. «Once upon a time there was a luthier in this fund – they say – and it is not bad to think of reviving a place where know-how was at home. During last year’s lockdown we joined our ideas and found the courage to embark on this adventure. If we are lucky we would like to move to the Oltrarno, where we live and where you can still breathe that intimate atmosphere linked to the small shops ». The official presentation of the project will take place on 16 June at 5 pm at the Nidiaci garden “a place dear to us because of its area, an environment and an association that we like and that we want to support with our project”.

In addition to launching their own brand, the girls of Storie di Stoffa during the afternoon will therefore try to involve the public of mothers and children who will arrive with activities related to their format. «We think of having children draw a story according to our modus operandi. An activity that we discovered with our children that creates sharing in this moment of restart and trains the imagination of adults together with that of the little ones ». “All three – they say – we know how to draw, at the same time as mothers we immediately tested on our children the pleasure of telling a story as well as writing and reading with images that may appear on the shirt they wear”. And here is crocodiles, bears and tigers appear on organic cotton or linen t-shirts laid on bases of warm colors such as amber, yellow or rust. «We have just left and we are full of enthusiasm, the garments will be basic and unisex because the stories and their protagonists, often animals, appeal to both girls and children alike. In addition to the t-shirts that are the garment with which we debut, we are imagining lines dedicated to newborns (rompers) and a series of useful accessories for going to school and for free time ». Prototypes of small snack backpacks are already on the bill, perhaps doubled with more resistant denim. While a dream in the drawer “would be to create, perhaps for kindergartens, aprons animated by our stories that have neither pink nor light blue as a base color”.

11 June 2021 | 08:49




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