Did you dream of it? Julien Boucault did it. In less than five minutes and without a single tool, this ingenious 30-something Angers transforms your car into a motorhome! “I developed a kit of seven wooden boxes that install after removing the rear seats,” he explains. They make it possible to compose a lunch area with table and benches, a rest area equipped with a 110 x 190 bed base and a comfortable mattress or an extendable kitchen area!

Each compartment accommodates the accessories necessary for traveling life: stove, water reserve, rechargeable battery (for appliances, computers and lighting), crockery and food. The poplar plywood used comes from Maine-et-Loire. The protective varnishes are vegetable. All parts are replaceable. The set, which weighs 45 kg, is entirely manufactured and assembled by hand by Julien Boucault himself. “I want to stay local, natural and artisanal,” he says.

“I designed the prototype to practice my job as a hydrobiologist as close as possible to the field”, says Julien Boucault. The following versions have been tested with his small family. Since spring, the kit has been marketed on the website of the specially created Tchao Tchao brand. It adapts to 40 models of MPVs (Kangoo, Partner, Berlingo, etc.) and SUVs (Duster, Quashqai, Zafira, etc.). It is available at a maximum price of 2,900 euros or for rental from 29 euros per day. Good holidays !

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