It was decided to hold the matches against India at a common venue

It was decided to hold the matches against India at a common venue


The 16th Asia Cup cricket tournament is scheduled to be held in Pakistan in September. The series will be conducted in ODI format with 6 teams participating.

Meanwhile, Indian Cricket Board Secretary and Asian Cricket President Jaisha said that the Indian team will not play in Pakistan. It was urged that the Asia Cup be shifted to another venue.

Pakistan strongly opposed this. The Pakistan Cricket Board has threatened to boycott the World Cup in India if the Asia Cup is not held in Pakistan.

Consultations and negotiations were going on regarding this issue. A few days ago there was a meeting between the cricket boards of India and Pakistan. It discussed where to host the Asia Cup. It seems that the idea of ​​holding the matches against India at a common venue instead of in Pakistan was also discussed.

In this situation, it is reported that it has been decided to hold the Asia Cup in Pakistan and only the matches involving the Indian team will be held at a common venue.

It seems that India-vs matches may be held in any country in UAE, Sri Lanka, England, Bangladesh or Oman. Sources also said that the decision on the common location will be announced later.

And if India qualify for the final, that match will also be played at a common venue. The final decision in this regard is expected to be announced soon.

A common venue for the match against India may be discussed at the upcoming Asian Cricket Council meeting.


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