It was for that film that I shot as a cameraman for the first time; Santosh Sivan-Prithviraj gave the opportunity


It was for that film that I shot as a cameraman for the first time; Santosh Sivan gave the opportunity: Prithviraj

Many people who have worked with Prithviraj have said many times that Prithviraj has a deep knowledge of the technical aspects of cinema. They also say that Prithviraj has a lot of knowledge about the cameras that are coming in the market today.

Prithviraj’s response to these remarks was that coming into cinema at a very young age helped him gain such knowledge. Prithviraj adds that it is a process that is constantly changing and growing.

Prithviraj was speaking in an interview given to Surya TV. In the interview, Prithvi talks about how she got interested in the camera and how various directors and camera persons gave her the opportunity to learn.

He added that he was fortunate to work with talented technicians in his early days in cinema.

‘S. Kumar sir was the first to agree to me looking through the eye piece while the camera was running. Back then it was a film camera. That’s when I realized that when the camera is running, the shutter will be hitting in front of my eyes.

It is Kumaretan who turns on the camera during the shot and says ‘I will watch it live, Raju look through the eye piece’.

As an operating cameraman, Santhoshetta is given the opportunity to take a shot. He told me to operate the camera. This was for Urumi.

Similarly, when Anwar worked with Amal, he learned a lot. It was also from there that I was able to learn more about the device called Jimmyjib.

Until then, I knew about Jimmyjib as the device that brought Jimmyjib to my films for song scenes and fights. But it was when Amal worked with Neerad that he learned how to stage a scene using that device creatively.

Even when I did the film with Lijok and Anjali, I was able to learn a lot. They were giving me opportunities saying that I was interested in knowing and learning. So I got to learn a lot from the people I worked with.

Recently worked with a new team in Jana Gana Mana. Everyone, including the director Djo, was much younger than me. In hindsight, they don’t even have a tenth of my experience. But I could learn a lot from them,’ said Prithviraj.

Prithviraj added that he thinks that the insatiable desire to know is behind everything. He added that there is no situation in cinema that once you reach a position, you can stay there forever and you should always learn and know new things.

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