“It will be fine”, promises Curry, hit in the left leg

The Warriors point guard was injured at the very end of the game on Wednesday, when his team lost on the Boston floor in Game 3 of the Finals.

«I’m obviously in a little pain, but I’ll be fine“, said Stephen Curry after the defeat of Golden State in Boston (116-100) Wednesday, during the 3rd game of the NBA finals during which his left leg made him suffer on a blow received. Four minutes from time, Celtics center Al Horford battling with Curry for a ball fell heavily on his left leg. Grinning in pain on the ground, the double MVP (2015, 2016), so brilliant before this hard blow (31 pts at 12/22, 4 rebounds), got up painfully, then he continued to play for another minute, before finally returning to the bench.

«It’ll be OK. I got caught… I’ll see how I feel tomorrow“, First said the Californian leader, who has already suffered from this leg, especially the ankle, on similar actions this season. “It’s the same as what I had in Denver or against Boston in the regular season, but it doesn’t look so bad“, he added. And when asked if he feared he had a sprain, Curry admitted: “that’s what I felt. We’ll see how it reacts now, there’s not much else to say. I don’t think I’m going to miss the next game. I need to take advantage of these next 48 hours to prepare myself».

Kerr cautious, Thompson worried

Earlier, in front of the press, his trainer Steve Kerr barely masked his tension, while trying not to give in to too much concern. “I didn’t take him out of the field because he was in pain, but because we were trailing by 14 points. Two minutes from the end and we were not going to come back to the score“, he first explained. And when a reporter asked him if he was worried about his star, Kerr replied, “I did not say that. We will know more tomorrow».

«We need him if we want to win this final. I know he will do everything in his power to play Friday (the 4th game). I really hope he is well, because without him it will be very difficult“, then confided Klay Thompson, without hiding his concern.

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