It will be possible to obscure the number of likes on Instagram and Facebook

AGI – You can choose whether to hide or leave the number of likes visible on a Facebook and Instagram post. This is the novelty introduced by Mark Zuckerberg’s social networks at the end of a test period to see if this could help reduce the pressure that some people hear when posting on Instagram.

“What emerged, comparing ourselves with people and experts,” reads a note, “is that if for some not seeing the number of likes was positive, others did not like it, also because these parameters are used by people to get an idea of ​​the trendiest and most successful content. For this we have decided to give everyone the opportunity to choose“.

The initiative is part of an attempt to filter content deemed offensive in direct messages and to give people the ability to control what to view and share in the News section of Facebook, such as feed filters, bookmark management and settings related to who can comment.

From today you can choose on Instagram whether to hide the number of likes on all posts in the feed and on your own. By accessing the new ‘Posts’ section of ‘Settings’, you can hide the count of likes on the posts of others and whether to hide the number of likes before sharing a post, by activating or deactivating this option even after publication. We thought it was important to give everyone the opportunity to choose. In the coming weeks, these options will also be active on Facebook. The group worked with independent experts to understand “how to give people greater control and awareness and thus contribute to creating a more positive experience” and at the same time funded independent research on the subject of people’s experience of using Instagram. and how to improve policies and products.

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