“It will not go without unreasonable demands” – excitement about this Habeck sentence – domestic politics

What does this sentence mean?

The new Economics and Climate Minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens) wants to make energy generation more climate-friendly. That will “not go without unreasonable demands,” said Habeck.

Impositions – what exactly does Habeck mean?

When asked by BILD, a spokesman for the Greens explains that the expansion of renewable energies and the restructuring of industry are an overall process that means hard work and demands EVERYONE. Because: 80 percent of Germany’s electricity should come from sun, wind, etc. by 2030.

The opposition already fears higher costs for consumers. Saxony-Anhalt’s Economics Minister Sven Schulze (42, CDU) on BILD: “Habeck scared the population right at the beginning of his term of office and indicated which way the new government could go. When he speaks of unreasonable demands, he certainly means rising energy prices up to the limits of human stress and beyond. “

CDU politician Jana Schimke (42) warns: “Numbers will be consumers and medium-sized businesses.”



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