Italian politics wants Alex Schwazer to go to the Olympics – Italian politics moves in favor of Alex Schwazer and calls into question international organizations. In a bipartisan document, the group leaders of the Commission for Culture, Education, Sport in the Chamber invite the Government and Coni to take action so that the blue walker can participate in the Tokyo Olympics which will begin on 23 July next. The walking races will not take place in the capital but, for climatic reasons, at the Odori Park in the cooler city of Sapporo.

The 20 kilometers is on the agenda in the afternoon of 6 August, the 50 km that best suits the characteristics of Schwazer, at dawn on 7 August. That of the document is a surprising move but above all unusual that comes a few days after two tough stances: that of the president of the world athletics federation Sebastian Coe who had warned Italy of sport not to “stay on the wrong side of history” and that of the Ethics Committee of world athletics (Athletics Integrity Unit) which reiterated that it did not want to deal with the “Schwazer case because it is the responsibility of World Athletics”.

The Committee is appointed to deal with doping cases in athletics and, although it was founded on April 3, 2017, it deals with the Russian doping case that began at least at the end of November 2015 with the suspension of the Moscow federation. Last week the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò had been very clear in saying: “Alex Schwazer is an innocent person, this is absolutely a fact” adding that the order of the Bolzano judge “is extremely clear, one cannot ignore it”.

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The newly elected president of the Federatletica also spoke in favor of the walker, Stefano Mei hoping “that this painful story can be brought back on tracks of balance and correctness and that everything that is now in the shadows can come to light”. Alex Schwazer, 36, Olympic champion of the 50 km walk in Beijing 2008, in the evening, commenting on the signing of the resolution, told, “I want to thank all the politicians who signed this document, I am very very happy with this support which gives me so much strength to face the next goals ”. The document signed today will be questioned and voted on in the next session of the Culture, Education, Sport Commission in the Chamber scheduled for Tuesday 30th.

According to the group leaders, “this act, which it will be approved unanimously, is a clear signal that Parliament wants to give the IOC to re-evaluate the disqualification inflicted on the athlete until 2024, in light of the dismissal by the Court of Bolzano in the criminal proceedings that saw him accused of doping. In fact, the disqualification is still in force for the international sports bodies, despite the fact that Schwazer has been proved unrelated to the courts ”.

As announced by the number one of Italian sport and authoritative young member of the IOC, the Schwazer case will soon be dealt with by the Undersecretary with responsibility for the sport, Valentina Vezzali.



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