«Italian retaliation», Di Fiore tells Pontelandolfo and Casalduni

twelve o’clock, 8 March 2021 – 18:18

A book halfway between novel and non-fiction on one of the bloodiest pages of the Risorgimento. Series directed by Pino Aprile for Marotta & Cafiero di Scampia

NAPLES – The new book by Gigi Di Fiore, a historical novel dedicated to the 1861 massacres of Pontelandolfo and Casalduni, is called the Italian Representation. A new edition by Marotta & Cafiero Editori, which after Stephen King wins one of the most critical pens in Campania. Volume printed on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the massacre. On August 14, 1861, a band of brigands killed 41 soldiers of the newborn Italian army and 400 bersaglieri were sent to Pontelandolfo and Casalduni by the high commands. a massacre, an Italian reprisal, in fact. A massacre of post-unification Italy. Gigi Di Fiore, through the story of two young people, reconstructs their violence.

A book halfway between the novel and non-fiction on one of the bloodiest pages of the Risorgimento. A necessary volume that probably only the bold courage of Gigi Di Fiore could give. The book will be available in all bookstores on March 9, bookings have already exceeded 1000 copies. Marotta & Cafiero editori has created a cover variant, a special edition numbered in 160 copies that can only be purchased from the website www.marottaecafiero.it. Inside, a soundtrack that can be listened to through the spotifycodes of the Neapolitan saxophonist Pino Ciccarelli and eleven images from all over the world. The volume is part of the `O Pappice series directed by another critical southernist, Pino Aprile.

March 8, 2021 | 18:18

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