Italy introduces the super green passport

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AEven if Italy is fighting comparatively successfully against Covid-19 this year, the country cannot avoid tightening the measures in autumn 2021. On Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Health Minister Roberto Speranza and the Minister responsible for the regions Mariastelle Gelmini presented new restrictions. They mainly consist of tougher conditions for unvaccinated people.

For example, the previously valid 3-G certificate will be replaced by a more stringent “green pass” – called “super green pass” in the press – which is only available after vaccination or recovery and is no longer available in many places from December 6th negative tests. In future, this will be mandatory at cultural and sporting events, in closed rooms of bars and restaurants, in discos and at parties and public celebrations. The government emphasizes that the “extended” green passport enables vaccinated and cured people to continue to attend such events and places. The passport is no longer valid for twelve months, but only for nine months.

Hundreds of thousands of travelers and commuters affected

At the same time, the Italians have to show the previous green passport, the classic 3-G certificate, from December 6th in hotels, changing rooms as well as in regional rail transport and in buses, trams and subways. The new measure will affect hundreds of thousands of travelers, especially commuters who use public transport to get to work every day.

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The compulsory vaccination, which previously applied to health and education staff, will also be expanded: in future, it will also apply to administrative staff in the health care system and the school sector, as well as to the military, police forces and rescue services. All employees in health professions must have a third vaccination from mid-December. The government is now also promising increased controls, which have not always happened so far.


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