Italy meritocracy, ‘economic embargo for countries that do not agree’

“The G20 Environment in Naples has just ended for the definition of a response strategy to the ongoing climate and environmental crisis, for the containment of the inevitable and irreversible changes on the horizon. It was impossible not to take note of decades of wicked and selfish conduct and the muffled cry for help of the Earth, which today chooses to rebel. Climate schizophrenia, the anomaly of excessively high temperatures and the warming of the oceans are causing unmanageable and uncontrollable variations. The Amazon rainforest produces more carbon dioxide than it can absorb. . Rising sea levels leave fear of dangerous coastal flooding. Biodiversity is at risk. There is no more time to waste. The planet’s liveability is at stake, even for future generations. Not to mention that the annual cost of damage caused by extreme climatic events could reach 170 billion euros “. The political-cultural movement Meritocrazia Italia writes it in a note.

“Always committed – he continues – in raising awareness on the issue and promoting ethically responsible conduct, Meritocrazia Italia returns to invoke cohesion on the part of all countries and measures of greater courage and determination. Put a stop to the extraordinary increase in temperature and reduce the emissions caused by the use of fossil fuels (the cause of the uncontrolled increase in temperature) is a mission that cannot be postponed. Interventions are needed to stop the rise in sea level and the phenomenon of desertification, and to guarantee better food security “.

“Meritocracy – reads the note – remains convinced that climate neutrality and energy security, to be achieved through a global carbon tax, together with the enhancement of renewable sources and new generation nuclear energy, are the way to reach the goal of zero emissions in the medium and long-term environmental transition. In this sense, nuclear power, as a support for decarbonisation and the stability of electricity generation from renewable sources, will have to be pursued thanks to developments in the design and construction of small reactors (300 MW) modular with fuel recycling technologies. In line with the proposals already shared in recent months, Meritocrazia insists on the best use of the resources of the Recovery Fund made available to encourage energy efficiency in homes through the measure of 110% and the use of renewable sources; and towards infrastructure investments (per se tanks, new supplies, reuse of waste water, reduction of dispersions and interconnections between aqueducts, modernization and maintenance of the water network) in response to the serious phenomenon of desertification “.

“More decisive interventions in the transport sector are also fundamental, with an acceleration of the fleet of vehicles in each sector, with an incentive to use electric or hydrogen vehicles. However, the conviction remains that the greatest contribution can only come from the acquisition of adequate civic awareness on the part of individuals. The salvation of the environment also depends on the optimization of energy consumption, the use of renewable sources for domestic supply, use of soft mobility systems. Last but not least, an informed diet can contribute to limit production costs for intensive farming “, concludes the movement.


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