Italy red zone April, Salvini-Draghi blows response

“It is unthinkable to keep Italy closed even for the entire month of April”. The one that Matteo Salvini threatens to send to the CDM is again a fighting league. The leader of the League does not hide his disappointment, after the restrictive measures that the control room of Palazzo Chigi would have decided to adopt even after Easter.

“In the name of the common sense that distinguishes it – and above all of the medical and scientific data – we ask President Draghi that from April 7, at least in regions and cities with health conditions under control, closed activities be reopened (obviously safely) you come back to life starting from restaurants, theaters, gyms, cinemas, bars, oratories, shops “, writes Salvini, while Prime Minister Draghi answers questions from journalists at Palazzo Chigi, during a press conference.

Salvini’s words are reported to the premier. Who glosses over, not citing the leader of the League, preferring to limit himself to the consideration that “continuing to keep closed is thinkable or unthinkable depends exclusively on the data available, the measures taken have proven not to be far-fetched”. “Reopening is desirable but decisions are made on the basis of data”, is Draghi’s reply which is implicitly addressed to the leader of the League.

Several times, in recent days, Salvini’s mantra has been to ‘override’ the resurrection holiday “to return to life”. “Any proposal in the council of ministers and in parliament will have the Lega’s okay only if it provides for a gradual and safe return to life”, is the warning that arrives today.

Announcing an upcoming council of ministers on a roller coaster, as already happened seven days ago, when the tug-of-war took place on the excerpt of the tax bills, an identity battle of the League, on which mediation was reached after almost three hours of stop by the Council , passing through the raising of shields of Salvini and his ministers, with the threats to leave the table by the leaguers.

Agreement – the one on the excerpt for incomes under 30 thousand euros – which was claimed as a victory by Salvini himself and defined ‘amnesty’ by Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “Everyone – explained the premier – has flags of identity, it is a question of asking oneself which are those identity flags of common sense and those that can be renounced without damaging either one’s own identity or Italy”.


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