Italy: the first Luc Montagnier Prize awarded to five personalities for “their independence” during the Covid-19 crisis

Italy: the first Luc Montagnier Prize awarded to five personalities for “their independence” during the Covid-19 crisis

REPORT – Last Saturday, the first edition of the Luc(e) Montagnier Prize was held at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, Italy. Five people were awarded for “their independence” during the Covid-19 crisis, “a period dominated by a one-sided narrative”. They are two doctors, Mariano Bizzarri and Giovanni Frajese, the journalist Maurizio Belpietro, a representative of the workers of the port of Trieste, Stefano Puzzer and a lawyer, Andrea Perillo.

Awarded by Senator Gianluigi Paragone, the Luc(e) Montagnier Prize was also intended as a “commemoration of the memory of the French Nobel Prize” and a tribute to “his fights carried out in the name of freedom and correct information”. “The last time he was in Italy, a lot of people came to listen to him explain the problems with the mRNA vaccine and its side effects”testifies Mr. Paragone in this report of FranceEveningpresent at the ceremony: “The prize is called Luc Montagnier but there is an E in ‘Luc(e)’, which in Italian means light. It is an honor”.

For this senator, the first edition of this prize rewards “a legal, political and journalistic battle to find out the truth about the side effects of vaccines and to defend the civil rights of citizens (…) It is also a battle against Big Pharma which has signed contracts with the EU to millions of euros in order to distribute vaccines of which Montagnier raised the problem”.

Gianluigi Paragone also paid tribute to the personalities awarded and “the battles” carried out for “vaccine transparency” and against the “sanitary pass and the vaccination obligation and for the protection of people who have not taken the vaccine”.

Mariano Bizzarri described this award as “great honor”since Luc Montagnier “is not only a researcher but a Nobel Prize winner. (…) He was important not only for what he did on AIDS, but also for the new paths he charted for scientific research”. The doctor therefore wanted to pay tribute to a “a true pioneer: he demonstrated that there was something fishy, ​​complicated about covid and it was on his example that we continued.”


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