Itamar Ben Gvir removed from left-wing conference: “Live settler violence”

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At the funeral of the fighter David Elino Kay, who was killed yesterday (Sunday) in a shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, left-wing Knesset members gathered for a provocative conference on what they call “settler violence against Palestinians.” MK Itamar Ben Gvir, who wanted to mark a minute of silence in memory of the murdered man, was expelled.

MK Ben Gvir unexpectedly entered a conference held in the Knesset, and began giving a speech on why they talk about violence and do not mention the horrific murder last night. Knesset Osama Saadi and Musi Raz confronted Ben Gvir.

“We do not need videos – we have live settler violence here,” Raz called out to him. “Here’s a settler’s terror. You’re a terrorist MK,” he continued.

“The same people who jumped yesterday and demanded condemnation of anything that moved – never thought of condemning settler violence, not MKs, not ministers, not even the prime minister,” said MK Musi Raz. “The police are on the side, the press is on the side.”

Watch the confrontation:

Later, MK Simcha Rotman also came in to say things, but apart from them, the other Knesset members were absent from the right and did not protest, despite the public conference and the headlines that came out of it.

At the conference, the far-left organization “Peace Now” presented data, claiming that the main centers of violence are in the localities of Yitzhar, Adi Ad, Esh Kodesh, Maon Farm and Ronen’s Hill. The report also shows that out of the documented cases, 584 of them (47 percent) were cases of physical violence, 560 cases of property damage such as the arson tag, damage to vehicles, graffiti spraying, field destruction, deforestation. We also stated that there were 112 cases Occupation of Palestinian private lands by settlers from nearby outposts.

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If this conference is not enough, another explosive debate will be held in the Knesset on Wednesday, dedicated to the “arrest of Palestinian children,” also led by coalition MKs, including Gabi Lasky, Osama Saadi and Michal Rosin, along with left-wing organizations. 250 Palestinian children in detention or imprisonment, “in serious violation of their rights,” but do not mention their adult age and that in most cases these were children who were involved in terrorist incidents such as stone-throwing, Molotov cocktails and harassment of IDF soldiers.

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